Monday, October 26, 2009


I don't remember if I ever talked about this, but when I first told Natalie about my calling, she was so excited because Andrew had told her about me without her realizing it. Andrew had prophesied that I would come along, before either of them knew me. He knew my tribe, my ancestry, things about how I looked, and that she would meet me at BYU. It just never registered when she met me.

But she told me that Andrew had said God would put me here to be a companion to her in ways that neither he nor Rebecca could be. I would be there to sustain her in the lonely times she was at school and away from the family. However, things never quite worked out right. When I first told her about the calling, she had decided not to do it, so I was left all alone in this. And then when she came to her senses and when the Adlers finally accepted me, she was upset for reasons I still don't feel like going into. The point is that I had hoped this would bring us so much closer together and when it turned out not to, I felt hurt and confused.

But she came over last night, and I told her about the personal relationship I had started developing with Andrew. She has the same kind of relationship and we both have to keep it from Rebecca, so we truly are in the same boat. It was so cool to be able to relate to her in that way. Now she finally has someone to be girly with and talk to. And not only that, but together, we can scheme and try to figure out ways to find time alone with Andrew because it's pretty difficult. I even told her that I would sacrifice some of my time with him so she could have it! That kind of sisterhood is just AWESOME.

And the best part is that if I get baptized again, Andrew wants me to move in with all of them and then Natalie and I can have a "personal relationship" too. Teehee! I finally get the relationship with Natalie I've always wanted, except it will be pure and holy before the Lord. Wonderful.

I just got home from family home evening with them. We carved pumpkins and had minestrone soup and pumpkin pie that Rebecca made. I played with the children, helped everyone out, and Andrew even shot me a few sweet looks when no one was looking. What a beautiful night.

My heart is so full.


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