Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm back. Again.

Geez guys I'm so sorry I am terrible about blogging consistently and responding. I just checked my email that I use for this blog and I had over 1,000 messages. But here's some news: I've started going to church again. The LDS church. The lifestyle I have been living for the past two years made me really depressed and empty and lonely. I yearn for joy and to be fulfilled again. For now, I am LDS, because thus far it is the only way I've found that makes me truly happy. And as far as polygamy goes, I'm still all for it!

I've already seen many blessings since I've been back. I started paying tithing and soon thereafter got two jobs which were greatly needed since I am in a lot of debt and my rent is really high.The people in my ward are very kind. I am even planning on moving to the Middle East within a couple of years or so, so I am excited about that.

One thing I know: God is merciful and he provides. I love him.

In peace,


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